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Jax and Winter's Care Bear Litter

Daydream Bear is an adorable puppy who will steal your heart with her dreamy eyes and playful nature. She loves to daydream and is always ready for an adventure. With her sweet and affectionate personality, Daydream Bear will make the perfect addition to any loving home. Don't miss the opportunity to bring Daydream Bear into your life and create beautiful memories together! 

Wish Bear is a charming puppy who will make all your wishes come true with her gentle and loving nature. She has a beautiful coat and an irresistible smile that will melt your heart. Wish Bear will bring endless joy and happiness to your home. Don't miss the chance to make your wish come true by welcoming Wish Bear into your family! 

Nala and Duke's Destination Litter

Paris is a delightful and graceful puppy who exudes elegance and charm. With her stunning appearance and playful personality, she captures the hearts of everyone she meets. Paris has a beautiful coat that is soft to the touch, and her expressive eyes are full of intelligence and curiosity. She is a quick learner and shows great potential for training and obedience. Paris is also a social butterfly, getting along well with both humans and other pets. She enjoys the company of her loved ones and thrives in a loving and nurturing environment. As a responsible seller, we are seeking a forever home for Paris that will provide her with the love, care, and attention she deserves. If you are looking for a loyal and affectionate companion, Paris is ready to bring joy and companionship into your life.

Bali is a sweetheart who is eagerly awaiting her new forever home. With her playful and energetic personality, she is sure to bring endless joy and laughter to any family. Bali has a beautiful coat and expressive eyes that will melt your heart from the moment you meet her. Don't miss the chance to make Bali a part of your family and create lasting memories together! 

Tokyo, our precious little bundle of furry joy! With those fluffy paws and a wagging tail that never stops, Tokyo is the epitome of cuteness. Every time Tokyo looks up at you with those innocent eyes, your heart instantly melts. Snuggling up with Tokyo is like being wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket of love. Enjoy endless cuddles with your lovable companion, Tokyo! 

Havana is an adorable female puppy who is ready to bring joy and happiness to her new forever home. With her sweet and gentle nature, she is sure to win the hearts of everyone she meets. Havana has a stunning coat with a unique pattern that adds to her charm and beauty. She loves to play and explore, making her the perfect companion for outdoor adventures. Don't miss the opportunity to welcome Havana into your life and experience the unconditional love and loyalty she has to offer! 

GANA Registered

Multigen Goldendoodles

Curly Coat

Predicted 35-55 lbs adult weight.

Born April 13, 2024

Go home June 15

Price $2,800

Multigen Goldendoodles

GANA Registered
Curly and Wavy Coat
Predicted 40-70 lbs adult weight.
Born April 13 & 14, 2024
Go home June 15
Price $2,800


GANA Standard F1 50 lbs


GANA Standard

Multigen Goldendoodle 52 lbs


GANA Standard

Multigen Goldendoodle 41 lbs


AKC Standard Poodle 70 lbs